Drop Arm Awnings

The drop arm or Pivot arm awning is a great way to shade a large window.

These functional and attractive awnings can be motorised or operated by a removable crank handle. Due to the ease of use, even as a crank operated awning, these are great for the elderly or those suffering arthritis that may find using other large awnings too difficult. Made in our Sunshine Coast factory, most drop arm awnings have arms that pivot from the centre point of the awning however this can be customised should you require. Another option is the Variant Drop Arm Awning. This is a drop arm awning with the added feature of having arms running on vertical tracks that are attached to the wall. This enables the pivoting point of the arm to raised giving the awning a flatter look. These awnings, these are made of anodised aluminium and then powdercoated should a custom colour be required. This give better resistance to corrosion here on the Sunshine Coast.